Our Resources Helping You and Others Adjusting to Change

We are committed to helping women with Breast and Ovarian cancer and their families cope with the changes going on in their lives.

A breast or ovarian cancer diagnosis can bring a wide range of emotions including shock, fear, sadness and anger. There are many emotional stages one goes through with a cancer diagnoses.

  • Fear, Anxiety and stress
  • Emotional distress and depression
  • Fatigue
  • The experience of pain
  • Ability to cope with stress

Support groups can be an important resource for women diagnosed with cancer. They help increase the support network of the women in the group.

The support of family, friends and others can be helpful as you go through diagnosis, treatment and beyond. Here at Breast Friends of Pennsylvania we are here to provide you and your family with informal support.

3 opportunities to get together:

Breakfast Club A lite and fun way to get together with your Breast Friends sister and chat.
Lunch Bunch A great ladies' lunch date to sit and chat.
Evening Support Group. Opportunity to sit and talk with others who have walked this journey.

Executive Director / Survivor

Vivian Vega

Vivian Vega, Director of Breast Friends of Pennsylvania, is an outgoing, gregarious and positive thinking woman who is driven to help other survivors cope with their needs both emotional and physical.

Photo credit: Lorena Roman and wings of Freedom

Breast Friends of Pennsylvania Director Vivian Vega

Lori Prashker-Thomas

“As a cancer survivor, I am in a unique position to affect other people’s lives in a positive way. I am able to give other survivors the ability to see their beauty through I Picture Hope.”


Shawn Schoch

Shawn was instrumental in getting Breast Friends of PA started in 2011. Shawn is a wildly supportive, charitable and positive forward gentleman who is driven to help support the efforts of Breast Friends of PA.

The Butterfly Chest

 We offers Items such as caps, scarves and new and gently loved wigs.  We also have some mastectomy bras, breast prosthesis {supply is limited}.  We have a great library of resource books which you can borrow.  All of these items are available free of charge contact me for an appointment. I would be honored to help you find the fabulous new you.

We also aim to raise awareness of breast cancer so that woman will seek diagnosis and treatment at the earliest possible stage. Early detection saves lives.